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Louis Poulsen is launching an elegantly simple new pendant, designed to shape light

One pendant
– four sizes

Above has a conical silhouette with a curved opening at the top for the black cord to pass through. The conical shape provides illumination downwards, as well as discrete lighting upwards, creating an atmosphere that is subdued and inviting. The name Above refers to the opening at the top, which cleverly conceals the light source and adds to the lamp’s functional appeal.

Design to Shape Light

The Above pendant is an engaging expression of Louis Poulsen's philosophy that design must shape light. Designer Mads Odgård studied how light interacts with our surroundings to enhance the beauty around us. Drawing on his knowledge of outdoor ambience and lighting, Odgård created an indoor lamp that illuminates space – without imposing itself.

Hear more about Above, Odgård's ideas behind the design, and the production of Above at our factory.

Designer Mads Odgård

Mads Odgård is a recognised Danish designer and a leading figure in a generation of global designers. More than anything, Odgård believes that a good design has to be logical and functional in order for it to be timeless. A designer who takes minimalism to the max, Odgård creates simple products for which function is just as important as form and quality.

More about Mads Odgård
Mads Odgård comments on Above: I have designed a lamp that is the essence of my motto: 'how simple do I dare to make it?' I prefer to subtract than to add, and I always challenge myself to make the design as simple as possible.


Product details
  • Design

    Mads Odgård

  • Concept

    The pendant emits soft, comfortable downward light. The conical shape and matt, white-painted interior helps assure even distribution of the light. The opening in the top provides decorative illumination of the arc above, and ensures that the pendant retains the full expression of its visual shape, both when illuminated and when switched off.

  • Surface

    White matt or black matt, wet painted.

  • Material

    Shade: Spun aluminium.

  • Dimensions

    Ø175, 250, 400, 550.

More about Above
image description
image description
It is my hope that Above will be received as a simple, low-key lamp, that also radiates poetry. But if you don’t notice the lamp itself, and simply note that the illumination is pleasant and sufficient, that’s fine by me as well. Functionality is everything! Mads Odgård
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