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Shoichi Uchiyama

Shoichi Uchiyama

Shoichi Uchiyama was born and bred in Tokyo. Since the founding of the Shoichi Uchiyama Design Office in 1977, he has been committed to the creation of luminaires with glare-free indirect light. This dedication has led to the design of lighting that beautifies objects, and allows people to experience the texture and depth of their surroundings. He seeks quality lighting through the design of luminaires and devotes himself to realizing the beautiful effect of indirect light in a space.

As a basic concept, Uchiyama tries to create ideal light distribution, while eliminating uncomfortable glare through the understanding of light source characteristics and light control. He believes the verification process for lighting effect in particular is essential to pursuing high-quality lighting. By preparing for the luminaire's full scale mock-ups with actual light sources, he examines the intensity and color of light, the shadows cast on the objects, as well as the luminaire's aesthetic appearance. Such strict design processes lead to the creation of simple and functional form. This gives his products the minimalistic beauty known in Japanese tradition.

Uchiyama's luminaires, which are created through an accurate calculation of light, are the proof of his design philosophy. He won the iF Award in Germany and the Good Design Award in Japan for designs created by his unique talent.

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