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Carsten Fischer/Henning Larsen

Carsten Fischer/Henning Larsen

Henning Larsen is a leading global architectural practice rooted in the Scandinavian architectural tradition – aesthetically, socially, and intellectually. The company bases its work on a firm belief in knowledge, generosity, inspiration, and the rethinking of traditions, developing architectural ideas and solutions that improve everyday life and meet the challenges of tomorrow. Founded in 1959 by architect Henning Larsen, whose name the firm still proudly carries today, Henning Larsen has grown into an international collective of architects and designers who work together to bring the Nordic architectural ethos to a global  audience. Henning Larsen’s head office is based in Copenhagen, with worldwide offices allowing the firm to operate globally and act locally.

Henning Larsen challenges, shapes, and changes the physical environment – from cities, urban spaces, and buildings to interior design and components – with the ambition of creating progressive design solutions. Working in a field defined by people, daylight, and space, Henning Larsen designs first and foremost with people in mind, focusing on environmentally friendly, integrated, energy-efficient solutions with a high degree of social responsibility, both in terms of materials and production and the creation of desirable, social, and community-creating spaces.

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