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Bennet Windinge and Povl Ernst Hoff

Bennet Windinge and Povl Ernst Hoff

Bennet Windinge (1905-1986) trained as an architect at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in the period 1926–1936 and Povl Ernst Hoff (1903-1992) graduated from the same academy in 1929. Together, the two architects ran the Hoff & Windinge drawing office from 1942 through 1973. With their renewal of the ‘ideal house’ concept, Hoff & Windinge were particularly well known for their residential projects, which included the low, landscaped arrangement of single-family houses and terraces in Søndergårdsparken, Gladsaxe (1949–50), the six-storey multi-residence building Høje Søborg, also in Gladsaxe (1951), and the Høje Gladsaxe residences (1960–64). The two architects received a number of awards including the Eckersberg Medal in 1952 and diplomas for their work on beautifying the Danish capital.

In collaboration with Louis Poulsen, Bennet Windinge and Povl Ernst Hoff developed the Kastrup and Søndergård lamps.

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