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Design & Light Philosophy

Our design and light philosophy

The origin of how we shape design and light can still be traced to Poul Henningsen’s three-shade system and his view on the dualities within design and light. 


Inspired by our urge to carry the soft luminescence of the Scandinavian summer into the dense darkness of the Scandinavian winter, Louis Poulsen has always sought, not to design lamps, but to shape light.

Form follows function

The form of the products is designed not for its shape, but for the shape of the light it gives. The quality of the light determines and defines every surface and every curve.


Our commitment to form follows function ensures we design with light. Our commitment to aesthetics ensures our products are pleasing to the eye regardless of whether they are on or off.


Materials are the embodiment of our design philosophy. We form them to reflect and reveal, expose and absorb. The quality of our materials drive the quality of the experience we leave behind.


We constantly strive to create the best possible ambience, that makes people and spaces look beautiful. Our approach is to find the right balance between function and comfort, which is a necessity to create the perfect fundament for ambience.

This has been our daily study for more than a century.


Lighting inspiration

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