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Feel at home

We all know the sense of feeling safe and welcome in a place. No one has refined the art of giving guests a good impression than the hospitality industries such as hotels and restaurants. Comfortable surroundings lead to a good experience and the desire to come back. Whether we visit because of business or pleasure we feel at ease and calmed down, if there is a home-like atmosphere.

Light that
welcomes you

Danish Design and designer fixtures are found in hotels all over the world. It all began with Arne Jacobsen who designed everything from furniture to cutlery for the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1960. Today the elegant AJ fixture from SAS Royal can be found in many hotels all over the world including the Chapung SeBali Resort & Spa in Bali.

The interior design continues to be an important indicator of a hotels brand and identity – no matter if it is high class or budget. We see more hotels with living room-like public spaces –inviting people to socialize and feel at home.

A feast for
all senses

When we go out to dine, we need to be able to see the food and wine in their right colours so they wake our senses and whet our appetite. If the light is too bright, like in a fast-food restaurant, we will eat much, and leave early. But if the atmosphere is right, and we experience intimacy even in a room full of people, we will linger over the table for hours and maybe even decide to order a dessert.

And not only should the food look great, our dining partner needs to be seen in a flattering light as well, and this is an important part of our light philosophy: that our light creates the best possible ambience, which makes people and spaces look beautiful.


Design to Shape Light

Louis Poulsen has always sought, not only to design lamps, but also to shape light and create an atmosphere that makes people feel good, both in- and outdoors. The shape of light creates space and our products should live harmoniously within the space they define - indirect, soft and inviting.

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AJ in new colours

To mark the 60th anniversary of Arne Jacobsen’s iconic AJ design, we launch a new colour palette. The AJ table, wall and floor lamp now come in 10 dynamic colours, closely linked to Jacobsen’s design universe and carefully chosen to bring out the best of the AJ lamp.

Hotel Bella Sky

A design stay

A striking piece of architecture and the largest hotel in Scandinavia, with 23 floors, 812 rooms and 30 meeting spaces and conference rooms. Bella Sky is comprised of two towers, with turning facades, joined by a walkway.

Also its interior is an interesting experience with many Danish design icons, such as the AJ lamp placed on walls and desks in all rooms. The contour of the lampshade enters into a dialogue with the angles and triangle shapes of the building.