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Jakob Wagner

Jakob Wagner

The designer behind Ripls is Jakob Wagner. Jakob Wagner was born in Copenhagen in 1963, and over the years has been responsible for a wide range of recognised products spanning professional designs for the medical and sports worlds as well as products for the home.

Jakob Wagner’s simple yet sophisticated work expresses the essence of a product in a minimalist, poetic and playful way. His design process is detailed, and considers all aspects of the user experience, which results in timeless and harmonious designs. And it is precisely these properties that characterise Ripls.

Jakob Wagner says: “At first glance, you are struck by the simplicity of the design, and you can even have 50 of these lamps installed in a single room. On closer inspection, you discover that the lamp also casts light against the wall, which has the effect of almost pulling the lamp away from it. If you study the lamp further, you will see how the wave pattern causes the light to create ‘ripples in the water’.” 

Products by Jakob Wagner