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The four P's

Louis Poulsen A/S is a workplace with dedicated and proud employees and a strong culture, bound together by our common values.

We call these values the four P's – Partner, Passion, Performance and Pulse.

For us, the four P's are not just words on a piece of paper. They are values we all actively apply in relation to our job, fellow workers and customers.

We give priority to a healthy work environment, based on the motto "Fun and healthy – together". Again these are not empty words. For example, we all take breaks twice a day for gymnastic exercises, instructed by colleagues trained in these.

The workplace is characterised by an informal tone, where everyone contributes. As an employee you will therefore be surrounded by achievers.


Louis Poulsen's values are summarised by the four P's:

  • Passion
  • Pulse
  • Partner
  • Performance

Our four values describe simply how we want to be in relation to customers and fellow workers, and how to combine determination and performance to maintain and develop Louis Poulsen.

Our values help define and support a working environment which is interesting, exciting and developing, to the benefit of the individual and the company. This is the only way Louis Poulsen can maintain and expand its position on the international lighting market.


We are dependent on capable and dedicated people – above all our employees at all levels of the organisation.

Internal: An honest workplace which leaves room for diversity and is based on mutual trust among fellow workers.

External: We want to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with companies and people who design, sell and specify Louis Poulsen products


We are passionate about our business, products and design, customers and partners.

Internal: We are open, friendly and informal people who focus on quality in everything we do.

External: Our partners are people who care about aesthetics.


We are at the upper echelon of the lighting industry. Customers, partners and shareholders therefore expect first-class performance from us.

Internal: We strive to make good business acumen a key part of the foundation of our company culture.

External: Customers and partners expect our products and services to always be first-class quality.


Pulse is the driving force in our organisation and for our brand.

Internal: Pulse is the courage and will to be different. It is energy and initiative, determination to ‘beat’ our competitors, and the will and ability to work towards a common goal

External: Our style is sophisticated, warm, intelligent and inspiring

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