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Panthella MINI shines bright in chrome

A new chrome edition of Verner Panton’s head-turning sculptural lamp enters the scene, reflecting its surroundings and enlivening even the smallest nooks with its gleaming, elegant new profile.

The mirror image of an icon

In 1971, the renowned, convention-defying Verner Panton joined hands with Louis Poulsen to design a lamp that would become an icon: the domed Panthella, conceived to shape light as it gently illuminates its surroundings.

With demand for the elegant form as high as ever, Louis Poulsen expanded the Panthella family with the compact Panthella MINI in 2016. Now, a Panthella MINI in genuine chrome-plated metal – inspired by Panton’s own acrylic chrome finish for the Panthella – is bringing the playful, mirror-like form into even more engaged conversation with modern interiors.

A sculptural form for favourite places

The chrome Panthella MINI’s metallic finish is known for its brilliant decorative results and flawless, easy-to-maintain surface.

The Panthella MINI provides adjustable, high-quality light with built-in-LED technology. Stepless dimming offers easy adjustability from 15 to 100%, and the light can be set to turn on at the desired brightness level. The light also features a timer that can be set to turn the lamp off after 4 or 8 hours.

The Panthella MINI’s smaller format, with a compact 250 mm diameter and 335 mm height, makes for easy placement on window sills, shelves, tables or other limited surfaces. The new shades are white on the inside and direct the light downwards, where it is reflected up and out into the room from the trumpet-shaped foot.

The designer

Verner Panton (1926-1998) is famous for his inspiring and colourful designs and persona. A unique individual with an extraordinary sense of colour, shape, light function and space, Panton introduced a series of modern lamps with personalities unlike any created by his Scandinavian contemporaries.

While most Danish architects and designers in the 1950s and 1960s were working with wood and other natural materials, Verner Panton’s predilection for new materials saw him develop into a specialist in steel, plastic, plexiglass and fibreglass. His design work with synthetic materials was trail-blazing, and he was a pioneer in the field of designs that use circles and rounded shapes before they became mainstream style under the banner of ‘organic design’.

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Design to Shape Light

Louis Poulsen has always sought, not only to design lamps, but also to shape light and create an atmosphere that makes people feel good, both in- and outdoors. The shape of light creates space and our products should live harmoniously within the space they define - indirect, soft and inviting.

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