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Alfred Homann

Alfred Homann

Alfred Homann grew up in South Zealand, Denmark. In 1976, he graduated as an architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine arts in Copenhagen.

During his years as a student, he worked at renowned architect Vilhelm Wohlert’s office, where he also spent his first years as an industry professional. Homann has been the principle of his own design and architectural office in Denmark and spent the years between 1987 and 1995 in the U.S. as a practicing designer. Over the past few decades Homann has received numerous design awards at home and abroad. Today, in addition to design, he is a visiting professor at architectural and design schools troughout Europe.

Alfred Homann has always been versatile in his work and although he started mainly designing architectural projects, he has slowly moved his focus to industrial design. Some of the most prestigious furniture companies in the world (e.g. the Danish furniture company Fritz Hansen) have worked with Alfred Homann however, Louis Poulsen remains the only lighting manufacturer he has ever collaborated with.

“In general I don’t rely on any particular source of inspiration, in the sense of things or objects I observe. I seek out connections between the thing to be designed and the purpose it serves — In other words, a holistic view. Sketching is a sort of a clarification process. When the main idea has been chosen, the next stage is the model. It is particularly important for the lights qualities because drawings cannot depict the light’s fourth dimension — the perception the finer details of the product often involves a long process of interaction with the chosen production methods.”- Alfred Homann (NYT #553)

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