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Foster + Partners

Foster+Partners was founded in London in 1967 by Sir Norman Foster (1935–), who graduated from Manchester University, School of Architecture and Urban Planning in 1961 and took his Master’s in Architecture at Yale University in the United States.

Foster+Partners is one of the leading architectural design offices in the world, and its project portfolio includes the Elephant House at Copenhagen Zoo, the Reichstag in Berlin, the Millennium Bridge in London and Hearst Tower in New York. Over the past 40 years, Foster+Partners has taken on the role of pioneer with its commitment to sustainable architecture and ecology, creating a broad oeuvre that encompasses everything from urban planning, public infrastructure, airports and citizens’ and culture centres, to offices, workplaces, private residences and product design. The company has received 470 prizes and awards and has won 86 national and international competitions since its foundation in 1967. Foster+Partners entered into a design partnership with Louis Poulsen that led to the development of the F+P 550 pendant. The F+P 550 was principally designed by John Small, one of the partners at Foster+Partners. The pendant was born of an original idea to create a luminaire with a large number of LED light sources, where the luminaire not only makes technological use of these light sources, but also pushes back functional boundaries.

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