Viborg Søndersø & Nørresø — Viborg, Denmark

Public spaces

Category: Public spaces

Year: 2017

Photographer: Martin Sølyst

Products: Flindt Bollard, LP Capsule

If you visit Viborg municipality in Denmark, you are likely to be able to spot the beautiful Flindt Bollard fixture in several different settings. One of these, is at the Søndersø in Viborg, a project which was realised in 2017, following the specification of the Flindt Bollard in many other places around Viborg.


The Flindt Bollard fixture is installed along the path that surrounds the lake, providing soft downward directed light to help guide visitors safely around the area. They were specified because of their light and elegant design, the asymmetrical light distribution and their corten colour, all of which help the fixture to blend in well with the natural surroundings without disturbing the view of the lake.