Oman Across Ages Museum — Nizwa, Oman

Institutions & Public Buildings

Category: Institutions & Public Buildings

Year: 2023

Partners: Cox Architecture, Lighting Design Partnership International (LDPi)

Photographer: Phil Handforth

Products: Radiis 109, Radiis 210

Located in Nizwa, Oman, is an architectural masterpiece, known as the Oman Across Ages Museum. Inspired by the forms of the Hajar Mountains and their canyons, the building houses of 9000 square metres of exhibition space, in which visitors can explore an impressive collection of artefacts and information showcasing Oman’s rich cultural heritage.  

The project is centred around the true understanding of form and material and the interaction of light in all its forms, which is why the lighting choices follow the architectural order. Therefore, each luminaire is specifically chosen to support the overall vision. 

The sheer scale of the building is to behold, and after sunset, the building’s forms can be appreciated as they are illuminated by the Radiis up-lights. The discrete, built in fixtures were supplied in a customised version, where the diffuser is engraved with a parallelogram, mirroring the paving on the expansive outdoor area. The customisation elevates the luminaires to becoming beautiful architectural details, which is just one example of the attention to detail in this project.