Kroken barnehage

Educational facilities

Category: Educational facilities

Photographer: Jan Peter Lehne

Products: Kipp Post, LP Circle Recessed, LP Circle Semi Recessed, LP Circle Surface Mounted, LP Circle Suspended, Ripls

Kroken Barnehage is a nursery school located in Drangedal kommune, Norway, designed by Norsjö Architects in 2021. The LP Circle fixture is installed across all four departments of the institution, creating a continuity with its soft, round form. The theme of the design, was playing with light, which inspired both the choice of fixtures and their colours and sizes. 


The LP Circle fixtures are installed in the standard colours white, pale petroleum and yellow, as well as four custom colours, blue, green, purple and aqua, where each department has lamps corresponding to their theme colour. The result is a light and functional expression, where each room has a clear identity and provides exceptional light.  


In the stairwell, Ripls 500 has been chosen for illumination, continuing wth the soft round form, with its circular shape and the concave front that imitates rippling water.  


Outdoors, the Kipp Post has been selected thanks to its robust design (IK Class 10), that is hardwearing in windy and wet conditions. Additionally, the design blends beautifully into the surrounding hills and nature.