The simplicity of its construction and form, its clear proportions, and its functionality make the Albertslund Post a classic of iconic proportions with exceptional versatility in diverse environments. Louis Poulsen is relaunching the Albertslund Post in Mini and Maxi editions with significant technical updates, including several dimming options, Smart City compatibility, and easy maintenance features.



In 1963, in the Danish town of Albertslund, which is located west of Copenhagen, construction began on a new housing development designed by architect Viggo Møller-Jensen. Upon seeing the lighting plan for the area, the architect’s son, Jens Møller-Jensen, decided to try his hand at creating a better, more versatile, and more affordable solution. 



What began as a sketch would ultimately become an archetypal design that would illuminate the outdoors far beyond Albertslund’s borders. After initially producing 1,200 Albertslund Posts for the town of Albertslund, Louis Poulsen continued production to meet demand in Denmark and beyond. Eventually, Jens Møller-Jensen’s design could be found in all types of settings throughout Europe. Every new installation demonstrated how seamlessly the clean, contemporary post top fit not only into modern neighborhoods with contemporary architecture but also historic squares and streets with classical buildings. 




Applications and effect

The Albertslund Post makes itself at home wherever ambient and glare-free light benefits people and spaces, from parks, pathways, and harbors in urban and suburban neighborhoods to university, hospital, and company campuses where numerous, spread-out buildings need to connect in a seamless, easy-to-navigate network.



Every element of the Albertslund Post is designed to shape light in an ideal manner for these varied outdoor applications. The large round, top shade reflects the light and directs it downward to the ground where it is needed. A clear cylinder beneath the top plate is wrapped in the middle by a shielding ring to prevent glare. White-painted reflectors also aid in creating diffused, comfortable light distribution. The result is symmetrical, glare-free, downwardly-directed illumination that complements its surroundings as it brings comfort and guidance.




About Jens Møller-Jensen (b. 1938)

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Jens Møller-Jensen completed medical and technical instrument engineering training in 1955. He went on to graduate as an architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1964. After heading up the Royal Danish Academy’s workshop, he founded his own design office in 1967. 



Over the years, Møller-Jensen has created many industrial designs, including electronic instruments and television sets for Bang & Olufsen, navigational instruments for SHIPMATE, and insulin appliances for Novo Nordisk A/S. He was involved in the development of the Danish State Railways’ state-of-the-art IC3 train and has worked with graphic design applications, such as signposts and boards for the Danish Highway Authority and a system of signposts for the Danish State Railways. Since 1995, Jensen's ergonomically designed walking stick has been a part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Across the board, Møller-Jensen’s work is characterized by his craftsmanship and ability to work three-dimensionally, creating extraordinary 1:1 models that give the decision-maker an authentic sense of the product.




About Louis Poulsen

Founded in 1874, Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen creates products that encompass the duality of design and light. Every detail in the design has a purpose. Every design starts and ends with light. Louis Poulsen offers a range of lighting aimed at the commercial and domestic lighting markets, with lighting fixtures and solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. In close partnership with designers and architects like Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Øivind Slaatto, Alfred Homann, Oki Sato, and GamFratesi, Louis Poulsen has established itself as one of the world's key suppliers of architectural and decorative lighting and has a global presence with dedicated showrooms in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Miami, Oslo, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Dusseldorf.




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Press release, January 2019