About this product

The Flindt Garden bollard is a part of the Flindt family, developed by award winning Danish designer and architect Christian Flindt in collaboration with Louis Poulsen. It forms part of Louis Poulsen’s garden collection, which offers exceptional outdoor illumination. The simple aesthetics of the resilient bollard, along with the functional and pleasant illumination, made the Flindt Bollard a popular choice - elegantly complementing urban parks, rooftops, and other outdoor spaces during the day as well as making them more accessible and safe at night. In 2021, Louis Poulsen the downscaled Flindt Garden bollard was introduced, designed for easy on the spot installation and with the ideal light for commercial and residential outdoor spaces. The Flindt Garden bollard can be extended with up to six bollards, placed as far as five metres apart, and looks wonderful in repetitive installations. The flexible and minimalist bollard is just as beautifully suited to a wilder, natural setting as it is to an urban garden environment.

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