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Bysted Garden is a part of the Bysted family, designed by Peter Bysted in 1975. The bollards design features shades that are positioned so as to create an interesting pattern on the ground. Bysted Garden is a downscaled version of the original Bysted bollard, perfected for easy on-the-spot installation to improve the quality of light in both commercial and residential outdoor spaces. The design is based on the same concept as the original Bysted with four rings that direct the light downwards, while glowing at night and giving the product individuality and character. Minor modifications were made to the original design, such as the bolts on top of the garden fixture being removed for a more streamlined, minimalistic look and the material choice of painted durable cast aluminium that will not patinate over time. Available in two different heights, Bysted Garden allows for a wide range of installations from entrance areas to planter boxes on roof terraces. Bysted Garden is connected to an adapter, which can run up to four bollards, with a maximum distance of 30 metres to the last bollard. The fixture stands out both individually and in installations with multiple units. It is beautifully suited to both natural settings and urban garden environments.

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