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The AJ lamp series is regarded worldwide as Danish architect Arne Jacobsen’s best work. He designed the series in 1957 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen (Radisson Collection), at which time it consisted of a floor lamp, a wall lamp, a table lamp, a smaller table lamp and a table lamp, designed to be attached to a table. Arne Jacobsen designed the SAS Royal Hotel down to the smallest detail for Scandinavian Airlines, including most of the furniture and utility items. The design is recognisable to a keen design eye. The profile of the AJ Lamp with its straight lines and combination of oblique and right angles is not only seen as a parallel to the profile of the Series 3300 sofa and chairs, but also to the geometric profiles of his buildings. The AJ Lamp was used in several rooms in the hotel, in copper and stainless steel. Additionally, the AJ Wall in stainless steel formed exquisite rows in the hotel lobby. The AJ Garden bollard follows the same design principles, and is based on the dimensions of the AJ Mini Table Lamp and has the same sophisticated expression, just as the stem has the same characteristic tilt angle as the AJ Floor. The iconic AJ Garden bollard, in combination with the AJ 50 Wall, makes it possible to enjoy Arne Jacobsen’s design in a wide range of applications in an outdoor setting.

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