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In the limited edition of Poul Henningsen’s PH 2/2 The Question Mark in brass with fine hairlines, the design and materiality of Henningsen’s elegant classic are paired with mouth-blown opal glass shades that create a beautiful ambience in any space. PH designed the original table lamp in 1931, based on his three-shade system from 1926, which perfectly combines a glare-free downward directed light with a pleasant upward glow, creating an ideal ambience. The lamp was given the name ‘The Question Mark’ due to the curvature of the lamp stem. The PH 2/2 Question Mark was produced until the mid-1950s in brass and with different coloured glass shades, including amber, and with various shade holders. The direction of the light could be adjusted by turning the handle on the middle of the stem. It was fitted with a go-through switch. The PH light model numbers refer to the shade size. Each top shade had a corresponding set of middle and lower shades. In the ‘pure’ models, such as the 2/2, the top shade measures about 20 cm, with corresponding lower shades. The PH 3/2 Pendant consists of an approximately 30-centimetre top shade, but uses lower shades from the 2/2 model. The ‘hybrid’ models were introduced to cater for the need to hang pendants at lower heights. The system was, however, also used for table, floor and wall lamps. The ‘pure’ sizes are based on the principle that all three shades can be plotted inside a circle in such a way that the largest diameter of each shade touches the outer periphery of the circle. The proportions between the shades are roughly 3:2:1, which results in a rounder and more compact look compared to the ‘hybrid’ sizes. The 2021 limited edition of PH 2/2 The Question Mark comes with an adjustable lamp head similar to the original lamp. The adjustable lamp head that can rotate 45 degrees to either side is a key feature that makes it possible to direct the light wherever required. The adjustable upper part of the lamp can be tilted 45 degrees to the right or left by turning the handle. The shades of mouth-blown triple-layered opal glass add a natural individuality to the lamp where each shade represents a work of art. As with the original lamp, the brass will patinate over time and enhance the beautiful authentic look and feel of the 2021 limited edition of the PH 2/2 The Question Mark. Also made of brushed brass, a go-through switch is located on the stem near the base, alongside a brown textile cord that complements the exclusive design. PH’s initials are beautifully and discreetly engraved above the cord.

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