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Keglen was created by BIG Ideas in collaboration with Louis Poulsen in 2017. The aim was to create a simple but unique lamp focusing on the geometry and essence of the light. The collaboration between Louis Poulsen and BIG Ideas started with the development of a pendant for the Tirpitz Museum in Blåvand, Denmark. BIG had designed the building, and the pendant's edgy, galvanized finish encapsulates the museum's fine yet robust architecture, which melts into the dune landscape of West Jutland. This artistic and technical lighting collaboration between Louis Poulsen and BIG Ideas continued, and it has now resulted in the further development of the Keglen family, whose simple geometry works beautifully in any kind of interior. The design of Keglen aimed to create a systematic design language that would provide the opportunity for a wide range of lighting typologies. In other words, Bjarke Ingels, Jakob Lange, and the design team from BIG Ideas wanted to create a family of lamps with the same qualities and design details in various sizes, but each with a unique personality. Jakob Lange and Bjarke Ingels explain that the geometric and metallic shades have a soft, organic glass insert that resembles a drop of water. In the table and floor versions, the glass insert meets the lamp stem and flows organically around it like liquid exhibiting surface tension. Keglen Table builds on the same family as the Ø175 Keglen Pendant. The design is based on the same shade, where the stem morphs into the bottom diffuser to fold it inward and create a beautiful organic geometry. The table lamp is available with base or pin mounting, which makes it ideal for work and study environments. Keglen Table adds a graphic and simplistic aesthetic with its cone-shaped shade, which provides a perfect ambiance. The switch and dimmer are located on the base or pin. On the base, the cord comes out of the side, while it is fed vertically through the pin. Keglen Table is available in black or white with a matte, wet-painted finish that creates a play of light and reflections from its surroundings during the day, when the lamp is switched off.

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