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Patera Oval is part of the Patera pendant family, which was designed by Øivind Slaatto and launched in collaboration with Louis Poulsen in 2015.

The Patera pendant is a modern take on the classic chandelier and brings a glowing focal point and soft, dynamic illumination to contemporary spaces.


The Patera’s glare-free, 360-degree illumination is the result of an intricate design with differently positioned cells that bathe surrounding spaces, people and objects in natural, even and flattering light. Its form is beautiful to behold from all angles, its Fibonacci sequence-based structure providing a different impression from every vantage point. “My ultimate goal was to create a three-dimensional Sudoku. It was an extremely mathematical assignment. In fact, it’s the most complex light I have ever made... I think it has a certain poetry about it, and my aim was to construct a modern crystal chandelier. I hope people will feel inspired to move around it. I hope it generates life.” (Øivind Slaatto) With Patera Oval, Øivind Slaatto and Louis Poulsen aimed at creating a pendant with a light, minimalistic form that brings a timeless yet modern and functional fixture that can be used in spaces with low ceilings.


The Patera Oval is based on the same principles and captivating pattern braided by hand as the classic Patera – however, it does not constitute a sphere, but a flat circular form that looks like an oval from the side, inspired by the organic shapes of an ellipsoid.

The Patera Oval has a round opening to optimise the direct light towards the underlying surface with a soft transition towards the reflected light. With its flat, minimalist design, the Patera Oval caters to spaces with limited ceiling height or where headroom is required.

The pendant is also perfect as a high-hanging pedant or above a dining table to create a spacious feeling between the table and ceiling.

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