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The first LP Grand came into existence in 2016 after Louis Poulsen approached the prize-winning Danish designer Christian Flindt with a request. Louis Poulsen wanted Flindt to develop a scalable pendant for large spaces. It should take up little room—and incorporate Louis Poulsen’s DNA of Design to Shape Light, even on a large scale. Flindt returned with the elegant LP Grand, which combines direct and reflected light in and between its shade of beautifully curved and open rings, ensuring glare-free light of the highest quality—while providing a warm and pleasant ambiance. Flindt himself has referred to the LP Grand as, "the sun on a day, where it glows through misty air, softening the light." In 2022, Flindt has designed the latest addition to the Grand series of pendants in collaboration with Louis Poulsen—the LP Grand 320. 320 refers to the fixture's diameter, making it the smallest of the LP Grands so far. The LP Grand 320 includes a warmer light temperature of 2700K and phase dimming. These new features make this most recent pendant and wall lamp far more applicable—not only in homes but also in hospitality environments like hotel lobbies and reception areas, and in meeting rooms, offices, and libraries.

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