Designing hospitality lighting, residential lighting, lighting for offices or outdoor areas. Dive into our three categories of lighting for professionals and get closer to when to use each type of lighting to create the ideal lighting design. With the right type of lighting, you can set the right atmosphere and provide a functional and pleasant light. Designing hospitality lighting, residential lighting, lighting for offices or outdoor areas.


The right type of lighting

With a carefully planned lighting design, you are able to create comforting and welcoming spaces whether you are updating the interior design, or designing a new place. We have divided our lighting for professionals into three categories to make it easy for you to find the right light for your project. Get a better understanding of when to use decorative lighting, how to benefit from architectural lighting, and why outdoor lighting is so important. Choosing the right light is what makes your lighting design excellent.


Decorative lighting elevates the surroundings

With decorative lighting you can enhance and refine the style and characteristics of a space. The perfect lighting complements the interior design, creates a comfortable atmosphere, and provides a functional light. As intriguing luminous pieces of art, they embellish the surroundings and transform the ambience of a room. They illuminate a space and provide optimal light both for the moments when you need to focus and the times you want to relax. Light up a room, set the mood, or highlight a specific area or piece of furniture.


The various decorative light fixtures from our heritage collection and contemporary designers give you the opportunity to play with different styles. Emphasize extravagance, bring out a romantic feeling, or add a playful or modern touch to an otherwise classic environment.


With a well-designed lighting plan, you can create the perfect space and a lighting design that elevates the surroundings. In our collection of decorative lighting, you can choose from pendants, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps. Some of our decorative light fixtures can be used as outdoor lamps and give you the opportunity to create a coherent light design inside and out. Design and shape with decorative lights for residential lighting, hospitality lighting, and office lighting to create welcoming and inspiring spaces where people feel at home.


Enhance aesthetics and efficiency with architectural lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the way people experience and understand architecture. Brilliant architectural lighting will make the surroundings appear in an elegant and magnificent way. It determines the specific atmosphere of a construction, accentuates architectural form and design, and enhances aesthetics. The light fixtures foster the spatial experience in collaboration with the architecture. This makes architectural lighting ideal for hotel lighting, museum lighting, and spaces where you want to emphasize building design, structure, and function.


Architectural lighting not only affects how we perceive the world around us, it also has great influence on our well-being. Studies have shown that the right type of lighting can improve performance. The functional benefits of architectural lights will help people focus and concentrate, which make them ideal for school lighting, office lighting, or healthcare lighting. Lighting can also bring an emotional value to architecture and as museum lighting they are a vital part of the cultural experience.


In our collection of architectural lighting, you can choose from recessed, surface, suspended, and wall light fixtures. Some of our architectural lights belong to the same design family, which makes it possible for you to create a coherent design across different functional needs.


Feeling safe and welcome with outdoor lighting

With well-planned outdoor lighting, you can contribute to people’s well-being and safety in the city. Help people navigate and feel safe by lighting up tunnels and parks, leading the way along pathways, and illuminating buildings and landscapes. When planning an outdoor lighting design, the purpose and function of the area must be considered well. Outdoor lighting should create a welcoming space that agrees with the surrounding landscape during both day and night.


Outdoor lights are made of robust materials to be able to handle both warm and sunny times, cold temperatures, and rainy days. Some of our outdoor light fixtures are especially designed for harsh environments like maritime or urban environments. The majority of our outdoor light fixtures are LED lights, which are very robust and require a minimum of maintenance. The LED technology also makes it possible to play with different color temperatures and choose between a warmer yellow light, a cooler blue light, or a neutral white light. Choosing color temperatures depends on the space and desired function of the lighting.


With our profound knowledge of city and landscape illumination, we hope to inspire a flawless and functional outdoor lighting plan. Find the right outdoor lights for your project in our collection of bollards, post lights, ceiling and wall lights, and accent lighting.