About this product

The table lamp provides a soft, harmonious and comfortable light distribution with its mouth-blown three-layer white opal glass that primarily directs the light downwards. Poul Henningsen designed it based on his celebrated three-shade system, which he created in 1925 to shape excellent non-glare lighting.


The first lamp using the multi-shade system was created in collaboration with Louis Poulsen for the Paris exhibition that same year. The ‘Paris Lamp’ won gold.


Henningsen had a distinct scientific approach to light and continued to design numerous luminaires based on the same system. He used the logarithmic spiral as the foundation and accomplished even distribution of light with the three-shade-system, which together with a dispersed reflection through the glass made it possible to curb glare and shadow.


Each PH lamp number refers to the size of its shades. The PH 2/1 Table consists of a top shade of approximately 20 cm and the lower shades are used from the 1/1 version.