About this product

In the limited edition of Poul Henningsen’s PH 2/1 Table in brass, the design and materiality of the elegant classic is paired with the illustrious amber coloured glass shades, known for their distinct ability to create instant ambience in any space. As with the original lamp, the brass will patinate over time and enhance the beautiful authentic look and feel of the limited 2020 edition of the PH 2/1 Table. PH designed the table lamp in 1927, based on his then newly invented three-shade system, which to this day perfectly combines a glare-free downward directed light with a pleasant upward glow, creating an ideal atmosphere. Not long after, PH designed the PH 2/1 Table with its characteristic go-through switch, also in brass, which is unique to the original edition as well as this, the idea of using coloured glass followed. And even now the three-layered mouth blown amber coloured glass accentuates the light with an almost embracing warmth and personality. The reason as to why Poul Henningsen started to incorporate coloured glass in his designs in the first place was however purely practical. In the late 1920s, Louis Poulsen and PH simply aimed to charm more customers. It worked. Today, even though almost a 100 years have passed, the amber hued shades and their affect on PH’s lighting masterworks still win people over and for good reason. Being mouth blown, the Italian glass used to make each lampshade adds a natural individuality to them, making each shade a piece of art. The lamp radiates intimacy, perhaps because amber coloured lighting is reminiscent of the softness of candlelight.