About this product

Designing lamps that stand the test of time has been a central design principle at Louis Poulsen , ever since teaming up with lighting design mastermind Poul Henningsen in the 1920s. To continue this proud 100-year-long tradition, Louis Poulsen is exploring ways to build on the inherent longevity of these products. With a firm belief in recycling and upcycling, Louis Poulsen is continuously working on new ways of reusing products and materials. This includes transforming flawed products into treasured new lamps. The raw PH 5 Retake, which is based on the classic, best-selling PH 5, is a perfect example. The transition process from a vintage or imperfect PH 5—for example, with a dent or slight surface irregularities—to a one-of-a-kind PH 5 Retake involves removing the paint from each pendant. This allows the aesthetics of the aluminium shades and the lower steel shade to emerge with remarkable raw nuances. At the end of the process, the PH 5 Retake is coated with a dry lubricant to protect its metal parts. Without further treatment, the metal will patinate beautifully over time, giving each pendant its own characteristic expression.