About this product

Moonsetter by architect and designer Anne Boysen was the winning design in the Next Danish Design Classic competition broadcast on national Danish television in 2020. The competition judges immediately recognised the qualities of Moonsetter with its simple design, clean lines and timeless feel. The design of Moonsetter is based on basic geometric shapes with the circle, square and cylinder merged in a unique and artistic configuration. After creating the first prototype of the floor lamp for the design competition, Anne Boysen entered into a partnership with Louis Poulsen to continue design iterations. In 2021 the lamp was introduced in Denmark in numbered editions of 100 pieces.
The sculptural aesthetic of the floor lamp takes centre stage in any interior, almost like a piece of art. Its 360° rotating disc, which has a different finish on each side, allows us to play around and decide how the light should be reflected in the room – and exactly how the room should be reflected in the mirror surface of the lamp. Moonsetter invites us to interact and explore – seeing not only the quality of the design – but feeling it and sensing it too. Moonsetter blurs the lines between sculpture and light source and serves an aesthetic purpose as well as a functional one. The impactful size of Moonsetter naturally attracts attention and creates a room within the room that can be shaped through reflections and light. The lamps are numbered in editions of 100 pieces per edition and will be engraved with edition number and a unique sequential number from 1 - 100.