Ginneruparkitekter — Horsens, Denmark

Office & Corporate Facilities

Category: Office & Corporate Facilities

Photographer: Gary Britton

Products: AJ Eklipta Wall, NJP Table, Panthella 250 Table Lamp, VL45 Radiohus Pendant

Ginneruparkitekter moved to new premises in the spring of 2018. The firm relocated because it was growing rapidly and wanted to be closer to the buzz of city center life. The new premises previously housed a police station – a charming building with fine architectural details and high ceilings. These features reflect the nature of the firm's business and enhance the quality of its environment.


The VL45 Radiohus pendant was chosen as the main source of light because it complements the building's atmosphere and provides even and diffuse general lighting. NJP Table was chosen to provide individual and directional illumination. The lamp's stylish and straightforward look blends in well with the modern studio environment that characterizes the rest of the firm's interior. In addition to the aesthetic considerations, the timeless lamps were selected for their energy efficiency, which aligns with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a key priority for the firm.