Neckarhalle — Villingen-Schwenningen Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Category: Institutions & Public Buildings

Architect: Muffler Architekten, Tuttlingen Electrical engineer: Plus Energie, Mr. Kral, Villingen Photographer: Günther Lehnert

Year of installation: 2019

Background: The idea for the products was made by Plus Energie, as it fitted perfectly to the character of the city hall and the architecture.

Problem solved: The task was to find representative lamps, that add value to the room and can illuminate the room for different situations. From formal conferences to festive events the colour temperature should be adjustable, so that it suits to occasion.

Evaluation: The owners of the building are very satisfied with the solution and like the possibility to adjust the light temperature for different occasions. 

"The decision to go for tunable white definitely pays of in daily life of running the city hall."


Products: LP Grand Suspended