Classroom lighting

Suspended light fixtures are ideal for classroom lighting. They emit a functional and glare-free light and do not take much space in the room.
LP Circle Semi Recessed is designed specifically for school lighting. The idea for the LP Circle design unfolded when working with lighting at Ørestad School in Copenhagen. The aim was to create a fixture with character that interacted with the architecture of the building. LP Circle Semi Recessed provides a functional and pleasant light in classrooms at Ørestad School and at the high school, Viborg Cathedral School.

To help students focus and concentrate, a color temperature at around 4200K is advisable for classroom lighting to provide a natural light that resembles daylight. The degree of Kelvin will depend on the age of the students and the activity. A lower setting at 3000-3500K creates an environment beneficial for reading and helps students feel comfortable and relaxed. A bright white light at around 5000K will help energize the students.


Light in halls and hallways

Halls at schools and universities where the students can gather and take a break will benefit from a comfortable and inviting lighting. Create a welcoming ambience in the hall with recessed, surface, suspended, or wall lamps or a combination of different types of fixtures.


At Yokohama College of Dental Care and Health Sciences in Japan, a combination of architectural and decorative lighting constitutes an intelligent and exquisite lighting design. At the entrance hall, the futuristic decorative pendant Enigma 825 completes the room with the light expression of floating concentric circles. The fixture was developed for rooms with high ceilings and the soft downward light creates a pleasant ambience. In the hallways, LP Circle Recessed and LP Circle Surface Mounted emits a diffused and comfortable light and complements the clean design of the college.


Lighting for work and studies

When studying or working at a desk, a good reading light is important to stay focused. With pendants and table lamps, you can create functional and appealing lighting at school libraries, offices, and reading rooms and enhance the style and ambience of the specific place. The downward light from pendants above tables or the adjustable direct light from table lamps provide optimal lighting for reading and studying.


Kawaguchi Municipal High School in Japan has utilized AJ Floor in an intelligent and creative way to provide optimal school lighting in the reading rooms. Each study seat has its own floor lamp that has been integrated into the desk and works as a table lamp. The angle of the shade can be adjusted to direct the light where it is needed the most. The various different colors of AJ Floor add color to the reading room and spark creativity.


The multicolored pendant, Cirque, is inspired by balloons and carousels in the Tivoli garden in Copenhagen. At Basel Library of Design in Switzerland, Cirque creates a cheerful atmosphere. Hanging above tables in a mix of colors, the pendant invites users at the library to take a seat and provides a functional light as a reading lamp.


Outdoor lighting at campus

Outdoor lighting at schools and universities can contribute to a comfortable environment outside and light up paths to find the way around campus. Create a delightful oasis at hangouts with outdoor bollards or lampposts, lead the way with path lights, or use outdoor wall lamps as an invitation to come inside. Outdoor lighting can also highlight the architecture of the educational building and accentuate the type of the institution.


PH Wall is a copper lamp by Poul Henningsen that can be used both as an indoor and outdoor wall lamp. The iconic design based on the famous three shade system complements both classic and modern buildings. At Copenhagen University PH Wall lights up the facades of the buildings next to entrances. Due to outdoor air conditions, the copper lamp outdoors has gained a patinated surface that integrates beautifully with the surroundings. Inside entrance ways at the university, the wall lamp is a warm welcome.


At two educational institutions in Japan, the Kipp design is part of the outdoor school lighting. As path lights, Kipp Bollard illuminates pathways at Keio University at Hiyoshi Campus in Tokyo and Kipp Post accentuates and complements the remarkable architecture of Silver Mountain, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in Kawasaki.