About this product

At the heart of the LP Xperi design is the belief that a street luminaire must be beautiful when on – and visually interesting when off. As such, the LP Xperi post top for residential and local roads offers a 24/7 experience to passersby. In the daytime, the LP Xperi’s open, geometric design captures the sun’s rays and filters them through the luminaire – while also offering an ever- changing view of the sky through the ribs. As darkness falls, the LP Xperi ignites a luminous mix of modern design elements, materials and technology. Conceived as a refined design concept for residential and local roads, the LP Xperi is energy-efficient and distinguished by a geometric yet organic expression. At long distances, the top of the luminaire can be screened. As one moves closer, the underside of the ribs becomes visible, with the ribs serving as reflectors that are gentle on the eyes – yet directly illuminate the space beneath them with centrally positioned LEDs.

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