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The Flindt Plaza is an addition to the Flindt family, developed by award winning Danish designer and architect Christian Flindt, in collaboration with Louis Poulsen. The Flindt Plaza meets the need for scenic and flexible, as well as discreet, larger scale illumination in a range of applications from public parks, urban squares, city centers and ocean fronts. The aesthetic design has the same subtle sculptural appearance as the rest of the Flindt family, complementing both modern and classic urban spaces. Based on the same design language and basic idea, one single asymmetric carving opens up for the light. The distinctive carving gives the luminaire character, while also serving as a dimming reflector, softening the light and making it more pleasant in the dark of night, while also directing it precisely where needed. The idea behind the sculptural design, however, was born in 2011, when a more refined type of bollard was desired to illuminate a park next to an exhibition at the Danish art hall Kunsthal Brænderigården in Jutland, today known as Viborg Kunsthal. The fixture was so well received that Louis Poulsen decided to develop it further, together with Christian Flindt. The bollard was optimized in terms of material quality, light distribution and efficiency and was introduced as the Flindt Bollard at the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt in 2014. The simple aesthetics of the resilient bollard, together with the functional and pleasant illumination, have since made the Flindt Bollard a convincing choice - elegantly complementing urban parks, and other public spaces during the day as well as making them more accessible and safe at night. Building on the success of Flindt Bollard the Flindt Plaza is an additional step to bring the Flindt family into applications where greater heights, scale and scenic illumination are required.

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