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The Flindt Garden bollard is the latest addition to the Flindt family, developed by award winning Danish designer and architect Christian Flindt in collaboration with Louis Poulsen. The Flindt Garden bollard is part of Louis Poulsen’s flexible garden collection offering instant outdoor illumination in outdoor living spaces such as private parks, courtyards and gardens without compromising the quality of light or the design. The idea behind the sculptural design, however, was born in 2011, when a more refined type of bollard was desired to illuminate a park next to an exhibition at the Danish art hall Kunsthal Brænderigården in Jutland, today known as Viborg Kunsthal. The fixture was so well received that Louis Poulsen decided to develop it further, together with Christian Flindt. The bollard was optimized in terms of material quality, light distribution and efficiency and was introduced as the Flindt Bollard at the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt in 2014. The simple aesthetics of the resilient bollard, together with the functional and pleasant illumination, have made the Flindt Bollard a convincing choice - elegantly complementing gardens, urban parks, rooftops, and other outdoor living spaces during the day as well as making them more accessible and safe at night. In 2021, Louis Poulsen introduced the downscaled Flindt Garden bollard, perfected for easy on the spot installation to improve the quality of light and the design immensely in commercial and residential outdoor spaces. Multiple Flindt Garden bollards may be powered by a single power supply, and truly stands out in repetitive installations. The flexible and minimalist bollard is just as beautifully suitable in a natural setting as it is in an urban garden environment.

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