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Arne Jacobsen designed this fixture, among many other features, for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, in 1957. The mini table lamp yields a pleasant downward directed light with its white painted inner shade. Furthermore, the shade can be tilted to adjust light distribution.


The AJ lamp family is considered to be the design Jacobsen is most famous for worldwide. Apart from the AJ Mini Table, the AJ family consisted of a table lamp too, a floor lamp, a wall lamp as well as a table mounted lamp that were all to be found around the SAS Royal Hotel after its inauguration in 1960.


Louis Poulsen reintroduced the AJ Mini Table, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the hotel, in 2020. Also, as part of the celebration and in the spirit of Arne Jacobsen, all the AJ lamps again became available in their stylish original stainless steel versions. Today, the classy AJ Mini Table complements every windowsill, bookcase, or small table and provides comfortable high quality lighting.

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