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The pendant emits a non-glaring downward directed light, while also illuminating its own frame thus creating a soft, comfortable radiance from within the center of the pendant.


Poul Henningsen designed the PH 5 in 1958 as a counter-reaction to the bulb manufacturer’s many alterations to the shape and size of incandescent bulbs at the time, which Henningsen found to be completely senseless.


The PH 5 fitted all types of light sources by turning everything into amiable lighting. This made the PH 5 so famous it became synonymous with ‘the PH light’ that still lifts even the most contemporary of interiors today, as does the PH 5 Mini. The smaller version of the PH 5 was introduced in 2017 and created in accordance with Poul Henningsen’s original design with a top shade of approximately 30 cm in diameter.


Henningsen had a distinct scientific approach to light and designed numerous luminaires based on the three-shade-system that he invented in 1925 to shape excellent non-glare lighting. He used the logarithmic spiral as the foundation and accomplished even distribution of light with the multi-shade-system, which made it possible to curb glare and shadow.


In 2020, the PH 5 Mini Monochrome series is introduced to emphasize this striking design for a more contemporary look. The matte-painted metal shades come in black, white, and in ultra blue for the bolder decorator.

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