Lummus Park — Miami Beach Florida, United States

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Photographer: Craig Denis

Products: Albertslund Mini Post

On the iconic Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, you’ll find Lummus Park, an urban oasis that is a firm favourite for running, cycling and going for a walk. During the day the park buzzes with activity, often hosting artisan markets and events, and after dark falls the area is illuminated with Albertslund Post Tops.  

Miami Beach is home to a large marine turtle population, that relies on moonlight for wayfinding during the nesting season, so selecting illumination that did not disturb this was an important consideration when planning the lighting at Lummus Park. To support this, the Albertslund Post Tops are retrofitted with amber light to reduce the impact of the illumination on the nesting season and serve as a long-term strategy for better protecting the native sea turtles of Miami Beach.  

Additionally, the Lummus Park project is equipped with motion sensors on a mesh network, which allows for 100% controllability optimised for both humans and wildlife. As such, during the turtle nesting period, the park’s illumination is dimmed to 40% output between midnight and sunrise, however the motion sensors allow the park to reilluminate up to 50%.  

The selection and implementation of the Albertslund Post tops in the Lummus Park project included considerations about wildlife preservation and the reduction of light pollution.