About this product

Poul Henningsen designed hundreds of fixtures based on the three-shade-system he developed in 1926, enabling unequalled lighting quality for all types of needs. A year later, Louis Poulsen introduced the PH 3/2 together with PH. Many of Henningsen’s lamp designs include a number that refers to the shade sizes of each fixture. As a ‘hybrid’ sized luminaire, the PH 3/2 has a top shade which measures approximately 30 cm, which combined with the proportionally smaller lower shades from the PH 2/2. The PH 3/2 is designed to provide optimum lighting and a warm atmosphere, creating an island of light on a table, a dresser or a windowsill, for example. The PH 3/2 helped set new standards for how well table lamp lighting could work. Poul Henningsen’s rational lighting system also takes the materials and surfaces of the lampshades into consideration in order to curb glare and shadow. In 1927 PH introduced both the PH 3/2 and the well-known opal glass shades. A few years later, in 1929, he began combining materials, like copper and opal glass in his designs to cater further for lighting needs and ensure the highest quality of light. In 2022, Louis Poulsen continues this line with the introduction of the PH 3/2 Table Limited Edition. The lamp is made of opal glass and brass, and the top shade of brass with its white inner reflector provides a primarily downward directed light. A softer touch is added, resulting in more uniform light distribution, with the two lower opal glass shades, which are glossy on top and sandblasted matt underneath. The brass is characterised by its fine lines, following the round shape of this collector’s item, marked with PH’s initials on the socket house. The distinctive brass elements will patinate beautifully over time. Otherwise, if polished carefully once in a while, it is possible to keep the original finish. The warm brass tones of the versatile and visually striking PH 3/2 Table Limited Edition are certain to enhance any contemporary environment. Alone or in pairs, it will stand out while adding beautiful and highly practical lighting on a windowsill or on a table in the hall, bedroom, living room, or dining area. The PH 3/2 Table lamp will also provide a golden boost to restaurants or hotels, as well as elevating the atmosphere in reception or recreational areas. The table lamp is available for a limited period only.