About this product

72 metal leaves form 12 precise rows with six leaves each to ensure a flawless non-glaring light no matter from which angle the remarkable pendant is viewed.


The name refers to its characteristic design that distributes the light both inwards and outwards and thus providing a wonderfully pleasing light.


When asked to develop a pendant for the state-of-the-art Copenhagen restaurant Langelinie Pavilion in 1958, it only took Poul Henningsen three months to finish the PH Artichoke. The foundation was already laid around 1927-31, when he developed the PH Septima Glass Light with shades made from clear glass alternating with sandblasted sections. He based the PH Artichoke on the Septima idea.


Today visitors can still enjoy the PH Artichoke, now considered a true design icon, at the Langelinie Pavilion in the Danish capital.