Louis Poulsen A/S

Advent competition rules


Participants may enter each competition only once.

Employees of Louis Poulsen and members of their household may not enter the competition.


All winners will be contacted directly in a private Facebook/Instagram message.

Winners will then have 30 days to reply and provide their home address. If no reply is received from the winner within 30 days, the prize will be forfeited and/or Louis Poulsen may decide to select a new winner.

Publication of winners' names

The winners will be announced on the following Friday after each Sunday in a post on Louis Poulsen’s Facebook and on Louis Poulsen’s Instagram page. Louis Poulsen will draw the winners by lottery.

How many prizes?

There will be a competition posted each Sunday and the winners will be drawn the following Friday. Each competition will have four winners – 16 winners in total for the whole Advent Calendar 2017 on Facebook and 16 winners in total on Instagram.

1. Advent Sunday. Competition start: 03. Dec. – Competition End: 08. Dec.

2. Advent Sunday. Competition start: 10. Dec. – Competition End: 15. Dec.

3. Advent Sunday. Competition start: 17. Dec. – Competition End: 22. Dec.

4. Advent Sunday. Competition start: 24. Dec. – Competition End: 29. Dec.

The prizes value

All the following prices are in EUR.

1. Advent Sunday:

AJ Table: €700

Yuh Floor Lamp: €605

Doo-Wop: €380

Above Ø400: €539

2. Advent Sunday

PH 5 Mini: €536

NJP Floor Lamp: €550

Yuh Table Lamp: €536

VL45 Radiohus Pendant Ø 370: €534

3. Advent Sunday

VL38 Floor Lamp: €605

Panthella MINI: €375

PH 3/2 Pendant Lamp: €580

Patera Ø 450: €734

4. Advent Sunday

PH 3½-3 Amber Coloured Pendant: €1.345*

*If someone from the US wins, the award will be a PH 3½-2½ Floor Lamp: 1.295

Delivery/shipping of prizes

The prizes are shipped to the winner as soon as possible. The prizes will be shipped at Louis Poulsen’s expense.


Prizes cannot be exchanged for other products, cash or gift cards.


General rules of complaint apply.

Prize tax

Louis Poulsen pays all statutory prize taxes to the Danish state.

Copyright/rights etc.

Louis Poulsen reserves the right to use all material received such as texts and images.

Changes to competition terms

Louis Poulsen reserves the right to end, change or postpone the competition at any time (including all prizes), if for some reason the competition cannot be completed as described.

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