Kornets Hus — Hjørring, Denmark

Kategori: Educational Facilities

Fotograf: Martin Sølyst

Background: When you first enter the main room of the building, you will instantly notice the beautiful symmetry surrounding you. Large wooden beams create a beautiful pattern, and a large number of Above pendants mirror each other in each wing, emphasising the unique architecture of the building. This instalment creates a nice visual harmony between the repeating beams and the repeating pendants, calming and pleasing to the eye.


No matter where you look, you will most likely see an angle of some kind. The architecture is composed of basic geometrical shapes with lines intersecting, adding to the solid and grounding feeling inside the building. In this context, the Above pendant serves as an interesting contrast. With its conical design it is also a geometrical shape, but circular in nature, it creates an elegant balance to the angles in the room.


Suspended from the ceiling, the Above pendants emit a soft and comfortable light downwards. They have an opening in the top that beautifully illuminates the arch above when the pendants are switched on. The pendants are white on the inside to ensure that the light is distributed evenly, and on the outside they have a black, matt finish that works beautifully together with the warm wooden interior in muted, earthy colours.


Designer Mads Odgård is a minimalist to the bone, which Above is a perfect example of. There is something honest about the simplistic shape of the pendant that goes hand in hand with the minimalistic architecture and the natural materials of the building. Everything is rooted in the fundamentals at Kornets Hus – just like the grain that is the star of the show.

Produkter: Above