Louis Poulsen A/S

The FCA model

Louis Poulsen's lighting philosophy is based on three distinct elements:

  • Function
  • Comfort
  • Ambience

Each element describes an aspect that we consider vitally important to lighting. Together they provide the foundation for our unique and comfortable lighting solutions.

The “feel-good” factor

Another important parameter is the “feel-good factor”: the quality of light in a space, defined as its color, absence of glare, and ability to create distance between light and shadow, thereby adding depth to the space. The “feel-good factor” can be measured by how the lighting of a space affects the well-being of the people within it. 


The third level in our lighting philosophy is creativity. If we only think rationally, we only create essential lighting. However, if we add an irrational and playful element, a greater diversity arises with more tangible and intangible qualities being incorporated into the project.



Function covers facts such as:

  • light levels
  • efficiency requirements
  • lumens per watt
  • lumen
  • spacing
  • IP classification
  • durability
  • approvals
  • climate tests
  • uniformity



The parameters for comfort are factual and measurable and their effect is vitally important to human perception of the light and space. Together they create the balance between light, shadow and darkness, the perception of color and ambience, and the overall experience of comfortable lighting.

Comfort is defined by parameters such as:

  • color temperature of light sources
  • glare levels
  • light pollution
  • maintenance
  • color rendering
  • safety
  • shielding
  • dimming
  • response time
  • stroboscopic effect



Our goal is to provide functional lighting that helps contribute to a room’s ambience. We focus on the experience and on well-being – whether it is in relation to highly specialized working environments or aesthetics.

Ambience is assessed based on factors such as:

  • uniformity
  • differentiated light temperature (warm, neutral or cold)
  • light source placement
  • the degree to which the luminaires match the surroundings
  • aesthetics
  • experience
  • image
  • creativity
  • repetition of luminaires
  • design



By setting extremely high standards, we are able to reach the ambitions of a lighting project. We understand that if just one single parameter is compromised, a project can lose its perfection. Our goal is to create human-friendly and comfortable lighting, and our lighting philosophy shows us the way.