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To facilitate understanding of how cookies are used, we have divided our cookies into five groups: 

1. Technically necessary cookies
These cookies are necessary for the website to provide the services specifically requested by the end user. This includes cookies allowing the proper functioning of shopping baskets. 

2. Preference cookies
These cookies ensure the best possible user experience when browsing a website. This includes language preferences or other options facilitating navigation. No information which can be traced back to specific users is collected using these cookies. 

3. Maintenance and optimisation cookies
These cookies are used to maintain the website. This includes counting the number of visitors or other information used for analytical purposes. They are also used for questionnaires. To a limited extent, these cookies collect data which can be traced back to specific users. 

4. Marketing – anonymous tracking across websites
These cookies are used to track users across various websites. They can be used to build profiles showing the searches made by different users or the websites they have visited. These cookies can store data which can be traced back to specific users or which contain specific information about users. Anonymous information may be shared with third parties. 

5. Marketing – targeted advertising
These cookies are used to track users' searching and reading habits. The information collected is used to show individualised marketing content, such as banners. The use of these cookies may involve storage and application of information which can be traced back to specific users with a view to showing content adapted to individual users and/or sharing this information with a third party for the same purpose.  
Please note that preventing cookies may affect the functionality of the website. Many of the interactive functions on the website depend on cookies. Blocking or deleting cookies may prevent proper functioning or reduce usability. You can adjust or remove cookies using the settings in your web browser.
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6. Competition rules

These competition rules apply to competitions offered by Louis Poulsen A/S.

Participants may enter each competition only once. 
Employees of Louis Poulsen and members of their household may not enter the competition.
All winners will be contacted directly at the email address provided.
Winners will then have 30 days to reply and provide their home address. If no reply is received from the winner, the prize will be forfeited and/or Louis Poulsen may decide to select a new winner.
Publication of winners' names
The winners will be announced on the following www.louispoulsen.com and on Louis Poulsen's Facebook page.

The prizes may have been exhibited at Louis Poulsen's head office at Gammel Strand during the competition period.

Delivery/shipping of prizes
The prizes are shipped to the winner as soon as possible.
Prizes cannot be exchanged for other products, cash or gift cards. 
General rules of complaint apply.

Prize tax
Louis Poulsen pays all statutory prize taxes to the Danish state. 
Copyright/rights etc.
Louis Poulsen reserves the right to use, quote from or publish all material received, such as texts and images.
Changes to competition terms
Louis Poulsen reserves the right to end, change or postpone the competition at any time (including all prizes), if for some reason the competition cannot be completed as described.