Louis Poulsen A/S

Louis Poulsen A/S Louis Poulsen A/S



2015/08/28 NJP Table
2015/08/25 Respectful transformation in Aalborg By Mike Rømer MDD (Member of Design Denmark)
2015/04/09 Overlooking Aarhus
2015/04/09 AIAS building at Aarhus University
2014/11/21 Private Residence, by MARIO DEL MARE
2013/11/26 Toraya Tokyo Japanese Confectionery
2013/11/26 Dououji Temple Takanawa, Tokyo
2013/11/25 Ørestad Skole Capturing the light
2013/11/24 The Lodge Mood on the menu
2013/11/23 Madsen Making dinner sustainable with PH
2013/11/23 Paludan Paludans Bookstore & Café Fiolstræde 10 – 12, Copenhagen
2013/11/12 Sletten Dinner with Collage
2013/10/24 The light over the sea
2013/10/09 Porcao A Manhattan Restaurant
2013/08/23 University of Chicago
2013/08/23 Autoville Part gallery, Part museum