Louis Poulsen A/S


Question 1:

How can I find out if my light has a unique ID number?

Some of our lights are supplied engraved with a unique ID number, which makes it possible to identify individual lights. If your light features an engraved ID number, this will be stated in the installation instructions and on the enclosed certificate.

Question 2:

What should I do if my light is stolen?

In the unfortunate event that your light is stolen, it can easily be identified if it features an engraved ID number. You should therefore remember to inform the police of the name and number of the light. We also recommend that you subsequently register your product as stolen on this website. You need to log in or create a customer profile to be able to register your ID-labelled product as stolen. If the light resurfaces, or if an attempt is made to sell it, the police or a potential buyer can log onto the website and enter its unique ID number to check whether it has been reported stolen.

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