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Long live light!

The LED technology is developing almost with the speed of light and will continue to do so in the future. Within just a few years we will witness the next generation. So as professionals you need to think ahead when planning your lighting solution or soon your investment will prove to be out-dated.

Choosing the light for life

When you choose a lighting solution for a project, you take into account many considerations. You base your choice on how the design fits with the architecture and the surroundings, if it has the right light distribution and if it sheds either symmetric or asymmetric light. You want to maintain the identity and atmosphere of the place, and replacing the chosen fixtures when a new energy saving technology is introduced is not an option.

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Design that lasts

The Louis Poulsen icons such as Albertslund, Toldbod and Kipp have for decades been preferred due to their timeless design, which fits with many architectural directions. These fixtures last both as seen from an aesthetics perspective - but also from a sustainability perspective. Though many of our products have a long history we constantly test new technology to optimize them to meet strict energy saving requirements.

What is LED-upgrade?

“LED-upgrade” is a solution that make our products last even longer. An ‘LED-upgrade’ (LED Retrofit kit) is an original LED-upgrade kit for the specific fixture that allows you to replace the old electrical components with a complete modern new LED unit, while retaining the original fixture.

Louis Poulsen have developed tailor-made LED-upgrade kit for our own products in order to maintain the identity and qualities of each particular fixture. All our LED-upgrade kits are documented and tested for liability.

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Advantages with LED-upgrade





Reduced energy consumption (40-80%) from day one and minimized waste production by only changing the light source and not the entire fixture.

Energy savings


Add just 15 minutes extra for LED-upgrade when bulbs are replaced and the lifetime of the new light source will be prolonged by approximately 4 times.

Lifetime prolonged x 4


Maintain the aesthetics and light quality of the fixture and thus the ambience and identity of the space it has been selected for.

Light integrity maintained

Kipp and LED-upgrade

Alfred Homann designed the Kipp Post in 1997 for urban environments where both functional and pleasant lighting comfort was desired. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and vandalism year after year. Therefore, it was obvious that Kipp was one of the first Louis Poulsen fixtures that needed to be fitted for future LED technology. The LED-upgrade kit for Kipp contains all the required parts to make Kipp even more future-proof that it already is.

Energy savings for Kipp with LED-upgrade

Get all details on Kipp

Specifications and materials

Please note that we only offer LED-upgrade kits for certain pole dimensions.
See required minimum fit here.