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PLH design as

PLH design as

Jørgen Nyboe and Henning Solfeldt are a part of the industrial design team at PLH architectural office, which was founded in 1977. Both graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen (Jørgen Nyboe in 1976 and Henning Solfeldt in 1981). Jørgen Nyboe is one of six partners.

PLH is made up of crafts people who are interested in how buildings are constructed. The team is also capable of designing products, lighting, signage, furniture – which have the same mixture of practicality and grace as the buildings themselves. None of their projects or products is lavish. In fact, most are spare. What is so refreshing about PLH’s unfolding body of work is that it demonstrates both continuity and the confidence and willingness to consistently reinvent.

Over the years, PLH has received numerous awards for their architectural works and their industrial designs. In 1991, they received the "Europa Nostra Prize" for the delicate renovation of the Royal Naval Museum in Copenhagen. LP Charisma, designed for Louis Poulsen, has received three awards in Denmark, USA, and Australia.

PLH has also won several building competitions. In 2002, they won 1st prize for “GeoCenter”, Møns Klint in Denmark.

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