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Bystrup Arkitekter & Designere

Bystrup Arkitekter & Designere

The company was established in 1994 by Erik Bystrup.
Erik Bystrup completed his architectural studies in 1968 and worked for Krohn & Hartvig Rasmussen and with Johann Otto von Spreckelsen, among others, before starting his own studio.

Bystrup Architects have worked with architecture at all levels, from designing motorway bridges to development planning and urban strategies. When viewing their work, one is struck by the element of human empathy.

They are very were aware of the location and commission, and very sensitive to the opportunities for life, movement and experiences that can be created. A fine poetic band flows throughout the studio's practice. A consistent celebration of light, the seasons and natural elements.

The studio succeeds in transforming the architects' dreams into concrete realities which help realise the user's dreams. Soberly, where appropriate, and sensually effervescent when called for. It is as if practical considerations and function go hand-in-hand with a fairy tale narrative.

The design is simple and easy to grasp, yet agile and sculptural at the same time, breaking boundaries and creating new models. Playing with forms and adding value to what already is – whether this be a vibrant, changeable city or an open landscape.

Bystrup Architects have received several awards for their work, including the Norwegian Architecture Prize and the City of Copenhagen prize for good construction.

Bystrup Architects developed the LP Nest post in cooperation with Louis Poulsen.

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