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KHR Arkitekter

KHR Arkitekter was founded in 1946 by Gunnar Krohn and E. Hartvig Rasmussen. The practice works with two concepts of creating beautiful architecture and integrated design.

KHR Arkitekter has a reputation of creating architecture of exceptional character and quality. National and international exhibitions and publications have cemented their position as an architectural firm, which explores the boundaries of architecture with curiosity and are not afraid of experimenting with new methods and materials. The architecture has a clear Nordic standpoint in the sense that they strive for a simple and clear mode of expression where the individual, the place and the function are in focus.

KHR Arkitekter values unique architecture, innovation, professional qualifications as well as artistic co-operation, which are reflected in the various projects as the CPH Metro, Church of Holy Cross, B&O’s headquarter, Fiberline etc.

Several of KHR’s buildings have won first prizes and honorary awards as the Red Dot Award, Stadprisen in Sweden, Betonprisen and Traeprisen.